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[Gothcon] spelledare sökes!

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Hi GMs out there!

I'll offer some zombie action at Gothcon (War of the Dead, a Savage Worlds campaign, more info:

) for the English speaking audience - so my session will be run in English - last year I could have served 5 groups, but I was alone... so for 2014 I'm looking for more GMs to join me.

* you'll get the adventure from me (chapter one, week 5) (thanks to lee, the author for allowance!)

* you'll get the needed stats, maps, pregens, paper minis, etc

* you can offer your session in Swedish - if you prefer that

* I'll help with the savage worlds rules (free PDF: http://www.peginc.com/freebies/SWcore/TD06.pdf) and questions

I hope some of you're interested!

contact (svenska/english/deutsch)


ps: @MOD, I hope this is the right place - if not please move this topic. thank you.

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