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[Uppsala]Fransk spelare söker spelgrupp: english/swedish spk

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I´ll write in english to be understood by everbody.

I´m a 28yo french student, occasionnaly teacher, living in Uppsala: I would like to meet some people to play roleplaying game. I´ve been both game master and player for more than 10 years and played a looot of different stuff. I´ve been GM at, among others, Mage, Secret of the 7th Sea, Cthulhu, The One Ring. I´m quite open and interested in discovering new games or playing good ol´ classics. I´m just not really into figurines, the world of Warhammer 40000, Magic and stuff.

Although I can speak Swedish I wouldn´t be really confortable playing in this language and don´t want to be a burden. But if you´re really patient with it, I ´m in.

In consequence I would prefer to play in english, even if I have a improbable french accent and may need some time to adapt. I understand that it would be a lot to ask to play in english if i´m joining a game and all the other players are swedes, so I am pretty ready to propose to lead my own english speaking game. Maybe some one-shot or little scenariis in the beginning but a real campaign too if it goes well.

Hope we can play together!

you can contact me at: mastercornux@hotmail.com (I haven´t got access to the Mighty internets at home for the moment, so it can take time for me to answer.

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