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TES V:Skyrim 8 timmar in i spelet recension

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Lite ont om tid idag så ni får hålla tillgodo med den engelska "hook" texten till dagens inlägg.

I hated Oblivion more than any other PC game that I have come across. So me buying Skyrim was a small not a given, actually it was highly unlikely. Though as always, it occurred when I happened to have a bit of cash over and could take the risk. In retrospect this could be another “lucky follow up“ on par with me buying Napoleon Total War after having hated the broken POS that was Empire Total War.

8 hours into Skyrim I took some time to write down my impressions. I think I've covered most aspects of the game and passed judgment on those where judgment can be passed on fair terms. The review does not delve deep into the main story or quests because I have yet to progress far into the game to make up my mind about these points.

Everything else is however described in my "early impressions" text. And thankfully this game seem to be a step up by Bethesda from the crap they've pulled with both Oblivion and Fallout 3.

Check what is Good, what is Bad and how it compares to Morrowind and Oblivion along with some 40 pictures from my ongoing game here:

http://anatolisgameroom.blogspot.com/20 ... hours.html






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Vi tackar och tar emot denne recension av Skyrim. Jag hoppas att du får möjlighet att uppdatera den då jag gärna skulle läsa mer om hur handlingen och gillessystemet fungerar i detta nya spel, om det är så bra som i Morrowind eller som i Oblivion.

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Kommer troligen en update till helgen, men det är otroligt hög kvalité rakt igenom även 30 timmar in i spelet kan jag säga. Det enda som stör och borde åtgärdas snarast (troligen ett givet mål för moddar) är interfacet i inventory/meny systemet. Väldigt tidskrävande och jobbigt att bläddra fram och tillbaka i tråkiga menyer för att hitta prylar man har med sig, aktiva effekter, spells osv.

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Uppdatering och den riktiga recensionen såhär 50+ timmar in i spelet (återigen på engelska pga brist på tid haha sorry)

After having spent 50 hours on the game I feel I can give it a fair review. Though I barely scratched the surface and feel like I have completed 10% of the game (the amount of quests is overwhelming).

50 hours in I have completed the main questline for the Thieves Guild though by performing the small thief missions you can still get one big "unique quest" in each of the towns in Skyrim. This requires 5 small jobs in each town so getting them is quite hard as the small jobs are given at random. Also paused my main quest at what I think is a good midpoint, and instead spent most time in the Riften area due to the Thief Guild quests.

Bought the largest house in the game, located in Solitude and learned about a bug when it comes to the furniture so you might be interested in reading about that before you spend 2-3 hours decorating your home.

50 hours in and level 32 I think I have encountered a majority of the things the game has to offer but it manages to stay incredibly fresh and highly interesting. Even stuff like dungeons feel more detailed and interesting than ever before in both look, contents and layout.

Small sidequests may appear to be quick "fetch quests" only to branch out into a long treasure hunt or branch out into something a lot bigger than you might have thought. The variety of the quests is also fantastic. Usually the side quests are filler material, but in Skyrim most of the sidequests actually feel important and worth your time.

Aside from the furniture bug in your house (which I hope will be patched) the only real thing that distracts me is the interface. Luckily, on the PC version, you can hotkey weapons, powers and shouts on your keyboard making the awfully tedious browsing of your inventory minimal.

Check the full review and some 40+ pictures on my blog. I tried to keep the spoilers to an absolute minimum.

http://anatolisgameroom.blogspot.com/20 ... rdict.html









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