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Japp, jag hoppade på flugan när den kom, tycker fortfarande att det är ett bra spel men orkar inte hålla uppe tempot och hänga med i utgivningen av nya kort. Så istället säljer jag allt det gamla. Jag har ca 15kg kort, följande Rares och Epics ingår minst. Sedan tillkommer en motsvarande mängd uncommons och commons. Inriktningarna har varit Hunter, Priest och i viss utsträckning Warlock. Jag tänker mig 2500 för allt, men kan tänka mig att förhandla lite. Är även intresserad av byten, främst mot FoW (vill starta en armé) eller Infinity, men kan även vara intresserad av Warhammer, 40k och Vampirekort. Ge ett bud om du är intresserad, det värsta som kan hända är att jag säger nej.

Heroes of Azeroth

1x Circle of Life

2x Feral Rage

1x Nature's Swiftness

4x Aimed Shot

4x Aspect of the Hawk

4x Bestial Wrath

4x Master of the Hunt

4x Fury

4x Multi-Shot

4x Rapid Fire

1x Brain Freeze

1x Pyroblast

1x World on Flames

2x Mind Blast

1x Mind Control

1x Psychic Scream

3x Resurrection

4x Shadowform

4x Smite

2x Spiritual Healing

1x Backstab

1x Expose Armour

2x Curse of Agony

4x Dark Pact

1x Forbidden Knowledge

2x Helwen

3x Infernal

2x Rain of Fire

4x Soul Link

1x Berzerker Stance

1x Cleave

3x From the Shadows

1x Lust for Battle

3x Rise to the Challenge, E

1x Augustus Corpsemonger

1x King Magni Bronzebeard, E

1x Lady Jaina Proudmore, E

1x Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker, E

4x Lorekeeper Darian

2x Lt. Commander Dudefella

2x Nightbloom

2x Sentry Gwynn

2x Seva Shadowdancer

1x Wilba

4x Wyneth Harridan

1x Barak the Shamed

1x Halnar Stands-Alone

1x Masten Everspirit

1x Skorn, Mistress of Shadow

1x Ya'mon

1x Zy'lah Manslayer

1x Chromie, E

4x Saltwater Snapjaw

2x Deathdealer Breastplate

3x Helm of Fire

2x Herod's Shoulder

1x Horns of Eranikus

1x Invulnerable Mail, E

2x Mooncloth Robe

1x Barov Peasant Caller

1x Arcanite Reaper

3x Argent Crusader

1x Dwarven Handcannon, E

2x Fang of the Crystal Spider

1x Flame Wrath

1x Gift of the Elven Magi

1x Headmaster's Charge, E

3x Inventor's Focal Sword

2x Thrash Blade

3x Truesilver Champion

1x Twig of the World Tree

2x Wraith Scythe

Through the Dark Portal

1x Heart of the Wild

1x Swiftshift

2x Travel Form

4x Aspect of the Viper

4x Frost Trap

4x Lightning Reflexes

4x Spirit Bond

4x Venomstrike

2x Evocation

1x Mana Shield

4x Brainwash

3x Inner Fire

4x Inner Focus

1x Lightwell

2x Mana Burn

1x Ambush

1x Slaughter from the Shadows

4x Doomguard

2x Fel Armour

1x Fel Domination

1x Hellfire

2x Echoes of the Shifting Sands, E

2x Fortune Telling

2x Legend of Mount Hyjal

2x Rest and Relaxation

2x Gustaf Trueshot

1x High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind, E

3x Ilandre Moonspear

1x Ivus the Forest Lord, E

2x Seraph the Exalted

1x Lokholar the Ice Lord, E

2x Naolin Sunsurge

1x Rexxar

2x Stone Guard Rashun

2x Warcaller Zin'bawa

1x Warmaster Hork

2x King Mukla

1x Stitches, E

1x Belt of the Archmage

2x Bracers of the Eclipse

1x Crown of Destruction

2x Jin'do's Evil Eye

1x Ring of the Unliving, E

3x Anathema

1x Gurubashi Dwarf Destroyer

2x Jin'do's Judgement

2x Lok'delar, Stave of the Ancient Keepers

3x Touch of Chaos

2x Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds, E

4x Operation Recombobulation

1x The Relics of Wakening

1x Tundra MacGrann's Stolen Stash

4x Felendren the Banished (1 på tyska)

1x The Haunted Mills

1x Rite of Vision

3x Zalazane


1x Sword of Zeal, foil

1x Lord Alexander's Battle Axe

2x Vis'kag the Bloodletter, 1 foil

2x Sapphiron Drape

2x Bloodfang Hood, E, 1 foil

2x Shard of the Scale, 2 foil

1x Stormrage Cover

2x Onyxia Tooth Pendant

2x Dragonstalker's Helm, E, 1 foil

2x Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire

Molten Core

4x Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers, 1 foil

2x Dragonstalker's Legguards, 2 foil

3x Aurastone Hammer, 3 foil

1x Nemesis Leggings, foil

3x Leggings of Transcendence, 3 foil

1x Shard of the Flame, foil

3x Benediction, 1 foil

2x Striker's Mark, 2 foil

1x Eskhandar's Right Claw, 1 foil

1x Perdition's Blade, 1 foil

1x Blastershot Launcher, 1 foil

Burning Crusade Promo

1x Nimaasus the Implacable

1x Varanis Bitterstar

1x Through the Dark Portal

Fires of Outland

3x Misdirection

4x Readiness

4x Silencing Shot

3x Shadowfiend

4x Pact of Shadows

3x Pain Supression

4x Vampiric Touch

1x Filthy Tricks

1x Hukkath

2x Corpse Run, E

1x Goblin Gumbo

1x Gone Fishin'

1x Breanna Greenmother

2x Enfea Contha

1x Miandra

1x Narmak Doomratchet

2x Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem, E

1x Kiani De'nara

2x Lessa the Awakened

1x Lor'themar Theron, E

2x Shawn of the Dead

1x Doomplate Legguards, E

1x Mana-etched Pantaloons

2x Warpwood Binding

3x Band of the Ranger-General

1x Choker of Fluid Thought

4x Elemental Focus Band

2x Greatsword of Forlorn Wisdom

2x Reaver of the Infinites, E

2x Telescopic Sharprifle

1x The Fare of Lar'korwi

1x Lost!

2x The Ultimate Bloodsport

March of the Legion

1x Dreamstate (1 på spanska)

1x Gift of the Wild

3x Blinky

3x Thrill of the Hunt

1x Track Demons

4x Bestial Swiftness

4x Prayer of Fortitude

4x Holy Nova

1x Unfair Advantage

1x Bling

1x Kiting

1x Meeting Stone, E

1x Paper Airplane

1x Thundering Footsteps

1x Champion Zosimuus

1x "Cookie" McWeaksauce, E

4x The Darkeater

2x Shem Reznict

3x Grandma Deadsie

1x Impmistress Noali

4x Zul'that Steeltusk (1 på spanska)

4x Magistrix Oleinas

1x Retainer Mythras

1x Arazzius the Cruel

2x Robotic Homing Chicken

2x Bloodstained Ravager Gauntlets

1x Demonfang Ritual Helm

1x Demonslayer

2x Hemet's Elekk Gun

1x Sceptre of the Unholy

1x Voren'thal the Seer, E

2x Magistrix Fyalenn, E

1x Ishanah, High Priestess of the Aldor, E

Winter Veil

2x PX-238 Winter Wondervault

2x Greatfather Winter

2x Great-father Winter

2x The Abominable Greench

2x Metzen the Reindeer

2x Gingerbread Cookie

2x Mistletoe

2x The Reason for the Season

2x Treats for Great-father Winter

3x Hardpacked Snowball

Promos mm.

1x Tempest, Son-of-storms, extended art

1x Thundering Footsteps, extended art

1x Gurok the Usurper, extended art

1x Torek's Assault, extended art

2x Counterspell, extended art

1x Big Game Hunter, extended art

1x Warlord Kalithresh, extended art

1x Breanna Greenmother, extended art


3x Mechanical Yeti

3x Dwarf

2x Misha

2x Draenei Survivor

1x Tooga

Magtheridon's Lair

2x Glaive of the Pit, 1 foil

1x Eredar Wand of Obliteration, 1 foil

3x Soul-Eater's Handwraps, 1 foil

2x Phoenix-fire Band, 1 foil

4x Cloak of the Pit Stalker, 3 foil

2x Superior Mana Oil

2x Heavy Netherweave Bandage

1x Crystalheart Pulse-Staff

2x Karaborian Talisman

1x Naaru Lightwarden's Band

1x Terror Pit Girdle

3x Terror Pit Girdle

2x A'dal's Signet of Defense

1x Eye of Magtheridon

1x Girdle of the Endless Pit

2x Liar's Tounge Gloves

Servants of the Betrayer

1x Form of the Serpent

1x Gift of Nature

1x King of the Jungle

2x Savage Fury

4x Ranged Weapon Specialization

3x Survival Instincts

2x Frostbite

2x Invocation

1x Blessed Life

1x Darkness

4x Enlightenment

4x Shadow Silhouettes

3x Spiritual Domination

1x Evasion

1x Gut Shot

1x Totemic Recovery

1x Demonic Knowledge

1x Shadow and Flame

1x Bloodbath

1x Deafening Shout

1x Barous the Storm Baron

1x Bearlady Brala

1x Horace Shadowfall

2x Kronore

1x Lunen the Moon Baron

1x Razak Ironsides, E

2x Sampron the Banisher

1x Icemistress Gal'ha

1x Leoroxx

1x Lifemistress Tanagra

1x Skymistress Taranna

1x Ulrac Bloodshadow

1x Anchorite Karja, E

1x Marksman Glous

2x Niyore of the Watch

1x Pathaleon the Calculator

1x Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider, E

1x X-51 Nether-Rocket

1x Azure-Shield of Coldarra

4x Mana-Etched Crown

1x Mana-Sphere Shoulderguards

1x Choker of Vile Intent

1x Hourglass of the Unraveller

1x Quantum Blade, E

1x Vileblade of the Betrayer

1x Voidfire Wand

1x Needs More Cowbell

4x Skymistress Taranna

4x Feign Death

The Hunt for Illidan

2x Feral Energy

1x Insect Swarm

2x The More, The Scarier

2x Divine Plea

1x Divine Spirit

1x Totemic Mastery

1x Curse of Exhaustion

2x Sarlia

2x Infuriate

1x Overlord Or'barokh

2x Anchorite Ceyla

2x Vindicator Falaan

2x Battlemage Vyara

1x Retainer Alashan

1x Akama, E

2x Coif of the Wicked

2x Doomplate Shoulderguards

1x Hauberk of Karabor

1x Band of the Inevitable

1x Lucky Strike Axe

1x Staff of the Ashtongue Deathsworn

1x Akama, E


3x Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuits

1x Disco Inferno

2x The Footsteps of Illidan

1x Thunderhead Hippogryph

Drums of War

1x Feral Charge

1x Mystic Denial

1x Aura of Accuracy

1x Precognition

1x Enslaved Abyssal

1x Unholy Power

1x War of Attrition

1x Owned!

1x Chief Researcher Kartos

1x High Tinker Mekkatorque, E


1x Chief Researcher Amereldine

1x Kray'zin Firetusk

1x Vengeful Gladiator's Vestments

1x Bloodseeker

1x Sen'jin Village

1x Prescence of Mind

Blood of Gladiators

1x Combustion

1x Shuriken of Negation

1x Emerald Ripper


1x komplett Onyxia Lair Raid Deck

1x komplett Molten Core Raid Deck

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