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Found 2 results

  1. Hey there, I’m looking for players in Malmö area Game: Pathfinder // Carrion Crown Adventure Path Genre: Classic horror, Lovecraftian horror, Drama, Adventure Players: 4-5 Language: English Frequency: Minimum 1 once per month, starting January 2017. Location: Malmö (possibly Malmö Högskola) Warning! [R-Rating] This is game includes tons of unpleasant topics! There will be blood, gore, rape, gender and racial discrimination, dead babies etc. If you are a person who easily loses sleep over these kinds of things, or can’t watch tv-shows like Game of Thrones this is not a suitable game for you. I’m looking for players for a Pathfinder campaign in Malmö. I’ve been running the Carrion Crown adventure path in Finland for 5 years, and now that I’ve moved to Malmö I’d like to see how it rolls with another group. I put alot of work into my games. I use background music, and a lot of handout-material. Characters will be made using Hero Lab (I have all the needed licenses.) Doodle (http://doodle.com/) will be used for scheduling games and a game is hosted every time at least 4/5 players can make it. Google docs will be used for storing game material. I’m quite demanding as a GM, and I acknowledge that, but when it comes to horror games a level of dedication and seriousness is required for the game to work. I admit that Pathfinder is anything but the best game for horror, but we were able to strike a balance with the horror aspect and dungeon crawling with the other group, and I’m confident that it can be done again. “There are a bunch of people I play with in other genres who I'd NEVER put in a horror game. They like goofing around, they undermine mood, and they don't engage with the in-game world in a serious way. They're basically playing Grand Theft Auto in any game they're put in. That's totally fine and they're a lot of fun when I run superhero games, but I need someone who's willing to buy into the mood. A lot of people simply can't.” (http://creaturecast.blogspot.se/) GM’s expectations from the players/group: In-Game expression over meta-gaming. While it’s good to discuss tactics, I’d like it to happen mostly between the games. Active responses to whatsapp/e-mails. (Scheduling games.) Game dates will be chosen via Doodle, I expect the players to fill it out frequently. If you’re new to the game, I expect you to study the rules on your own. (I will naturally help you get started.) Preferably students at Malmö Högskola. (Malmö University) The first test is not being too intimidated by this post, and send me an e-mail if you’re interested. I will choose the players by the 15th of January. (And will send you a reply even if you were not chosen.) Sincerely, Tatu Pekkarinen Mephithal@gmail.com +358400435597 (Whatsapp) PDT_Eng.pdf
  2. Säljes - Pathfinder & D&D minis på tradera - 100 nya auktioner http://www.tradera.com/profile/items/225416/firstborn
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