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  1. Spelgrupp sökes i Lund

    Hi there, in case you are not interested in playing in English you can stop reading here I am part of a group of DnD 5e players in/around Lund (4 people - three of them Swedish) and if you are interested you could come join us for a game or three. We currently meet in Furulund (20 mins by Bus from e.g. the University Hospital in Lund). We are all above 30 years old and some have kids so sometimes we cannot manage to play very regularly but we typically aim at playing every two weeks or so. Anyway, let me know if you are interested. Best, Paul
  2. Letar efter D&D Folk

    Hi there, I am in a group that plays relatively regularly (every 2 - 3 weeks) in Lund. We play in English however since not all of us speak Swedish. If you are interested drop me a message here. Best, Paul
  3. Okay, I have created an account now. Maybe private messages on here would be a good start to organise things Best, Paul