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  1. hi Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords I own the Adventure Deck 2-6,first (!) printing and if someone wants to trade them and give me the second printing, drop me a mail null-8-15@web.de! (english or swedish) reason: first printing cards are a bit larger and I have the 2nd printing base set.. and that sucks a bit. condition: complete and all mint. pack 2-5 unopended/ still shrink wrapped(yet), but will open them as soon as we get there during play. 6 was only opened to see the size difference. hand-2-hand trading: Göteborg/Borås
  2. Hi GMs out there! I'll offer some zombie action at Gothcon (War of the Dead, a Savage Worlds campaign, more info: ) for the English speaking audience - so my session will be run in English - last year I could have served 5 groups, but I was alone... so for 2014 I'm looking for more GMs to join me.* you'll get the adventure from me (chapter one, week 5) (thanks to lee, the author for allowance!) * you'll get the needed stats, maps, pregens, paper minis, etc * you can offer your session in Swedish - if you prefer that * I'll help with the savage worlds rules (free PDF: http://www.peginc.com/freebies/SWcore/TD06.pdf) and questions I hope some of you're interested! contact (svenska/english/deutsch) phil@prometheusgames.de ps: @MOD, I hope this is the right place - if not please move this topic. thank you.
  3. Talar du tyska? Förlåt, men jag letar efter spelare för "The Dark Eye" Gibt es genug Spieler, um eine eigene Runde hier in Göteborg auf die Beine zu stellen? Interesse? phil@prometheusgames.de
  4. Thank you everyone! it's out there: Degenesis: Rough http://www.peginc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=39587
  5. Jag har interesse. Svara med tänkt pris, tack!
  6. Hi everyone! Download: free Quick-Start rules I'm looking for players who would like help me playtesting a SW conversion for Degenesis. DEGENESIS? never heard of it? the german version is out there quite a while and now the english version hit the market... so it might be a good time to try it out. There are a few reviews and some deeper reviewes.. It would be cool to find a few interested guys to play that thing,.. Since the Catharsys rulesystem received many critics I translated a Savage Worlds conversion and now looking for playtesters - Either if you have played Savage Worlds before or not - if you have played Degenesis or not - does not matter. mail me if you would like to help me -> phil@spelarcentralen.se \o/ What's Degenesis about? Degenesis takes place in a ruined future, 500 years in the future. Civilization as we know it has been demolished by a asteroid swarm. 7 cultures (the northern Borcers, the insect-plagued Frankers, the nomadic Pollens, the war-ridden Balkhanians, the crusadic Purgaryans, the Hybrispaniards torn by civil strife and the up and coming Africans fight for hegemony. Characters can belong to 13 organisations and cults (the wandering Scrappers, the technophiliac Chronists, the medical Spitalians, mercenary Hellveticans, righteous sledge-hammer wielding Judges or the Neo-Lybian merchant kings with their avenging forces of Scourgers among others). But there's another danger for man: A strange growth or disease came from the stars, infecting fungi, men and animals. The Sepsis, as the strange growth is called, plagues the world, as its the source of the psychoactive Burn drug. Children and newborns affected by the Sepsis show strange abilities. When these children grow up, they are often exterminated or ostracized before they grow up as Psychonauts, gifted with psionic powers but also in danger of losing their minds by communing with the hive mind created by the Sepsis growth. http://degenesis.com/ or http://www.degenesis.de/phpBB3/viewtopi ... =14&t=2135 Wanne see more Artwork? check the german core rulebook.. you can download it for free here - yeah its legal! DEGENESIS Artwork:
  7. finns det spelare i Mölnlycke, Härryda, Hindås, Bollebygd, Sandared,... ? Lust att spela? redan en grupp? Söker du en grupp? Lust att starta en förening? RPG-öl varje månad?
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